COLLABORATION : Dragon Hot Pot Gading Serpong

Dragon Hot Pot Indonesia is now available in Gading Serpong. This hot pot restaurant from Melbourne, Australia also opened its seventh branch in Indonesia. Dragon Hot Pot itself offers a different experience when enjoying typical Chinese food. The owner of Dragon Hot Pot Gading Serpong, Riefky Sutedja explained, Dragon Hot Pot is a restaurant with a unique concept, where visitors are free to choose the toppings they want without any restrictions. Riefky also said that the selection of the location for the opening of the Dragon Hot Pot in Gading Serpong was a factor of reach. So, people who live in Gading Serpong and its surroundings don’t have to go all the way to Jakarta to enjoy hot pot at their restaurant. Unlike other self-service restaurants, Dragon Hot Pot Gading Serpong offers a different experience from other hot pot restaurants. Because, each menu is priced at the same price, aka quite pocket-friendly. Later, visitors are required to pay based on the total weight of the selected food toppings. For per 100 grams, the price is Rp. 30,000, – with a minimum order of 250 grams. On the same occasion, Master Franchise Dragon Hot Pot Indonesia, Ian Hendarto explained, there are about 120 toppings offered by Dragon Hot Pot Indonesia. These toppings can later be enjoyed with three choices of Soup Base, namely: 1. Collagen Bone Broth 2. Signature Ma La Tang For those of you who are curious, Dragon Hot Pot Gading Serpong is located at Ruko South Goldfinch, Blok A No. 51, Jl. Springs Boulevard, Gading Serpong, Tangerang. This restaurant operates from 11.00 WIB – 20.00 WIB. .

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