Claire Makes Soup Dumplings | Bon Appetit

Associate Food Editor Claire Saffitz shows us how to make soup dumplings.

Soup dumplings fall in the category of “delicious things we love to order when we’re out, but would never even dream of making at home.” Until now, that is. This dim sum staple may seem complicated, but it’s really just made from three separate components: the dough, the filling, and the soup. Where things get tricky is in the process of sealing the dumpling with a series of intricate folds. Don’t worry: We’ve got step-by-step video instructions and a tutorial on how to do it.

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Claire Makes Soup Dumplings | Bon Appetit .

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  1. it's interesting to watch this with a different perspective after listening to the Reply All series on bon Appetit

  2. Did anyone else listen to the first episode of the Reply All BA series and realize they were talking about this video?

  3. This is infuriating to rewatch on revisit. This is so embarrassing, after knowing the full context on the Reply All podcast.

  4. This video is so hard and heartbreaking to watch after listening to Sue's story on Reply-All's "The Test Kitchen" episode.

  5. …pork *stock*.
    As a professional, I don't believe you don't know the distinction between the two. Could you put forth a better effort to educate people using the proper terms?

  6. Ruler? Aigoo!!!! Asian cooking don’t need measuring! Just use your eyes! We Asians just like food no a lot of techniques

  7. I made this recipe with my bestfriend back in March and we failed MISERABLY – we try to forget those days!

  8. Nepalese MoMo dumplings doesn’t need any fat gelatine to make have soup inside.
    Gelatinous dumplings can’t eat more than 6 pieces and you feel to throw out due to fat.
    Natural MoMo soup dumplings you can eat more than 40 pieces for guaranteed. Enjoy 👍

  9. Who told her to wear so much makeup to make soup dumplings? I’m just surprised someone decided to glam up for this 😅 maybe cause it’s still like a professional video