Chopsticks: Chinese VS. Japanese VS. Korean

Chopsticks can be difficult to learn to use. Some countries in Asia have specific types of chopsticks and specific etiquette on how to use them. Many people don’t notice the difference between types of chopsticks, so today I will be comparing Chinese, Japanese, and Korean chopsticks.

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  1. Metal chopsticks have 2 major flaws:
    (1) Steel conducts heat much more than bamboo. So a pair of steel chopsticks that have been immersed in very hot food (e.g. if used for stirring hot soup) could potentially burn the tongue if used immediately afterwards.
    (2) Steel is very unforgiving to the teeth. In an accidental wrong bite, the steel chopstick always wins against the tooth.

  2. I seem to struggle with those thick, plastic ones you normally get in Chinese restaurants. I prefer the pointy, wooden ones – those are the best

  3. Honestly I've only used Japanese and Korean chopsticks that I can remember. I've probably used the Chinese ones at some point but I don't remember it. Out of the two though I always prefer stainless steel ones. Yes, they're a bit weightier and can make certain things tougher to pick up, but I think their resuability and toughness put them over the edge for me. Not a kind that I'd recommend to someone just learning, though.

    The ones I use at home have always been Japanese though because we don't own a stainless steel set.