Chongqing The Best Hot Pot Culinary in Senopati Jakarta

Chongqing Hot Pot Senopati Hi everyone, after a long time we didn’t go out and review food, we finally left the house today. You know, because of the pandemic, you really have to choose the right place and time to eat out, especially if you are with children. Today we ate at ChongQing senopati hotpot. For the choice of meat, we ordered Signature Karubi and Signature Meat Platter. Honestly, Karubi’s signature is The Best!! For the choice of soup, we choose Mix Soup: Mala & Collagen. For the onside menu, the roll beancurd and fish skin are Just an Okay. But…. the Apple Goji Berry Jar is really fresh and sweet. Oh yes, even though the recommended sauce they mix is ​​said to be a best seller, but I personally prefer Ponzu Sauce. If you eat at Chongqing Senopati, try asking for Ponzu sauce, I think it’s better. No less important than the taste and quality of the food is the health protocol. I saw with my own eyes, they always spray the seats and wipe our tables with disinfectant. Even at the front before entering, we must check the temperature and pass the disinfectant steam section. Their utensils were soaked in hot water in front of us. Honestly this makes me as a visitor feel comfortable. Well guys, that’s all for the review of ChongQing Hot Pot Senopati from YarraVlog. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. #ChongQing #HotPot .

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