Chinese surveillance: Coming to a ‘hot pot’ near you

Sky News host Cory Bernardi says Chinese surveillance is coming to a ‘hot pot’ near you after a Vancouver Haidilao Hot Pot was revealed to have installed 60 security cameras to monitor its staff and patrons.

“These are the sorts of restaurants frequented by diplomats, politicians and business professionals where business deals, strategies, and secrets could be discussed,” he said.

“Little wonder that information would have appeal to the communists. The restaurant mentioned above is the Haidilao Hot Pot in Vancouver. There are 935 Haidilao Hot Pot locations around the world including here in Australia.

“They boast 36 million VIP members and employ more than 60,000 staff. I don’t know if all of them are used to spy on their patrons but the manager of the Vancouver operation Ryan Pan is quoted as saying the cameras were installed to ‘punish staff’ and to ‘people track’.

“Nothing to worry about there I am sure… just your private dinner conversation and biometric details being sent back to the biggest surveillance state in history.” .

What do you think?


  1. 18th Street Hot pot here in Adelaide is already loaded with 16 video cameras. All tables monitored with what appear to be very high quality cameras. Why would they need this many cameras?????

  2. Do pretend we are any better, you are part of the attack on democracy. There are no real journalist on any main stream media outlet like sky.

  3. They don’t play by the same rules, so what do you do with a player that doesn’t ? You kick them out of the game.

  4. I wouldn’t care because I don’t have anything to hide and I don’t say stupid shit but I live in Australia

  5. I saw China in focus…I heard the owner of the restaurant said they are not sent to China.. do you believe the owner ?? 900 restaurants around the world.. I seen a lot China bad behaviour fighting inside China they exposed abroad??

  6. love to see the bandwidth connection out of that noodle shop… there're face scanning everyone. they don't need a finger print anymore and they have already scanned your farkfook pictures …. go into this noodle shop and you've basciaclly spat and gave dna in glorious 8k video stream.

  7. Tracking us all…China rule… UN doing. .Left Americans fell for the One World Crap….Glad I love Jesus. Who they hate.

  8. Maccas has cameras, government departments have cameras, australia LLC is not a country remember.
    This propaganda is absolute garbage.

  9. Sky news Australia is absolutely & unashamedly pro democratic.. It's the news you can trust.

  10. The restaurant owners and knowing staff should be prosecuted as spies and restaurants shut down immediately.

  11. Nice release corona virus and and set up video surveillance so they can listen in on all the restaurants that are closed down due to lock downs also it saddens me that the cameras arn't in any restaurants near me id love to let them know what i think of them id go out for dinner every night honestly!

  12. I'm freaked out by the spread of camera installed in Woolworth check outs with mugshot camera so who owns woollies are the socialist dogs or fund the CCP?

  13. Coming to a democracy near you, China just a bit more open about their mass surveillance regime.

  14. Big Brother is not exclusively a Chinese thing. Don't Amazon do something similar with their surveillance? Another Chinese bashing exercise by SkyNews gone up shit creek. Common sense? More like a daily dose of diarrohea.

  15. Look what our army did overseas we didn’t bring any peace for them. Their cities were fucked and solders killed so many children. Wonder why there are so many terrorist attack?

  16. Scott McGregor is an expert at not answering the question and just padding his answer out with waffle. He did not detail how they found these cameras or their purpose. He just waffled. Why are you even listening to him?

  17. That’s the problem with the egalitarian communistic ideology. They end up spying on everyone in the open. Even their own people.

  18. What I would like to see SkyNews Australia investigating is with the well documented practices of the various US spy agencies who have been spying on their own citizens, both within the USA and outside of it.
    You should also be asking yourselves why the EU does not consider US based webservers are secure from the prying eyes of the US government, which is why no prudent Australian corporation would dare keep its files on US webservers.
    China is obviously bad enough when it comes to human rights abuses, but how different is the USA to that of China?

  19. The western world has handed China our countries on a platter. Now we need to suck it up and be the cucks that we are! So piss weak governments and people who vote them in.

  20. Any business in Australia which is spying for the ccp should be shut down and the owners sent back to China. Universities included.