Chinese Street Food – 200 KG Street Hot Pot (SPICY!!!) + RARE Street Food Tour of Kaifeng, China!

Chinese Street Food 200 KG SPICY Street HOT POT!!! BEST Street Food in China – Chinese Street Food Tour of Kaifeng!
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Chinese Street Food RARE Tour of Kaifeng! Today, we’re going DEEP for Chinese street food! Kaifeng has some of the BEST street food in China, and today, we’re trying the 200KG STREET FOOD Hot pot!! You’re going to love this! Make sure to watch until the end cause we’re going DEEP for some of the BEST street food in China!

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  1. We have in Saudi Arabia sevmeler with garlic chives eggs and adding ground beef we called it Mutabbak

  2. I am in the US for long time. I miss this food…. BTW, he talk in Chinese very well.

  3. When you will visit kurdistan Iraq . You're welcome in any time come here and try the traditional foods

  4. Trevor it seems when you are out of India, you behave properly while having food. Otherwise you take so big pieces in mouth when you visit India n states of India. Why??? Other foreign countries are slicing you if you take big leaps of food???