Chinese Soup Dumpling Recipe MADE HEALTHY


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00:51 – Ingredients for the gelatin aspic broth
01:55 – Prep for broth
02:06 – Burning my house down
03:40 – Broth has reduced
04:25 – Straining the broth
05:11 – Ingredients for filling
06:02 – How to make the meat sticky
06:48 – Combining filling ingredients
07:41 – Dumpling dough
08:35 – Kneading the dough
09:35 – Ghetto steamer setup
10:15 – Bouncy rubber broth
11:08 – Losing social credit points
12:12 – Dumpling craft wisdom
13:46 – Dipping sauce for dumplings
14:31 – Steaming the dumplings
15:33 – Definitely not taking a vacation to China
16:06 – I am a genius
17:55 – Thanks for joining! .

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  2. For sticking to the plate, use small squares of parchment paper. It's meant to stick to the paper but easy to lift from the basket/tray/plate/etc.
    And when you eat it, it's up to the customer to be careful enough to not rip the bun.

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