Chinese Restaurants Don’t Deserve Tips

The Proven Copy and Paste method to speak Conversationally Fluent Mandarin in 6 Weeks (Cantonese speakers only!)
In this brand new collection, we celebrate the amazing (or not) memories of Chinese school that we all have. 😂

Today we’re tipping Chinese restaurants $1000! It’s thanksgiving so this is our way of giving back, and hopefully making a difference in these people’s days!

These are the Chinese Restaurants we visited:
New Sky Restaurant
New Ho King Restaurant
Taste of China Seafood Restaurant
Canton Chilli
Harmony Restaurant
Chinese Traditional Buns



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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! How much do you normally tip?
    This holiday season, restaurants will be working super hard. Your server will likely be tired, and exhausted from working all day. Please consider tipping them! 🙂

    As someone whose family worked extensively in the service industry, this video meant a lot to me so I hope you guys enjoy it!

  2. honestly as someone who lives in Europe I don't understand the concept of tipping but it's so sad how people purposely don't tip :/

  3. I don’t get it tbh they should be tipped more then western because they are really hard working and are super kind and when ever I go to a western restaurant most of the service are kind of bad but this is from my experience but I wish that race doesn’t matter because they don’t know what is going on if the waiter had a bad day or not

  4. After watching this video. I will make sure to tip less when my waiter or waitresses are white and more for Asian waiter and waitresses. Thanks to whoever made that nasty comment at the beginning of the video.

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  6. I love how no matter if your in USA or in Canada, we all have the same Chinese school textbooks

  7. chinese restaurants don't not appreciate tips, it's just a code of honor that we have to follow which is part of our tradition. Typically leaving an extreme amount of tip, we would try to give it back or we would feel ashamed as to keeping that much tip from another person. It's not because we don't appreciate tips, it's because of our traditions(which is different from the individualist culture in america so they see it differently)

  8. wow I have never heard that, only an ignorant person would choose not to tip their server.

  9. In the US men get better tips than woman. Many women are raising children alone so next time tip women what you would tip men.

  10. I usually tip when I sit to eat but not usually for takeout. I would consider after the pandemic though.

  11. WAIT… is this channel ONLY for Asians? I enjoy watching you guys. I like your inclusiveness and sharing cultures. I might even like to learn Mandarin. Well, maybe only a few curse words. LOL. Keep up the great work guys.


  13. Because it's UNUSUAL, the waiters thought that there must be a mistake somewhere that the tip left is too big. So they ran after the customers. Very good of them to do so because if that happens in western restos, the waiters will just take it, because it's pretty usual that some customers tip big?
    As tipping is the practice in the USA, one should tip in all restos, western or asian ones

  14. One time my dad tipped a lot for exceptional service at our chinese restaurant. My dad left the credit card on the table, and the server ran toward us in the car. Moral of the story… everyone deserves a tip.

  15. I wonder if the 10% thing came around the same time people seemed to think MSG was an issue 😛

  16. I tip based on service. Most Asian restaurants I go to lack proper service. They serve you and never return.

  17. Idk if other Chinese people do this but in my family we will always say “no” and if the person tried to give it we will always give it back, the reason why we do this is because it isn’t greedy and it’s more respectful.

  18. You felt left behind because you couldnt talk to your people…. Did you ever take into consideration that not speaking the same language as a group of people makes them NOT your people. Maybe you should reevaluate who your PEOPLE are. And what qualifies someone as YOUR people.

  19. the translation of "Tang can" is wrong,it should be"堂餐“which is also in Manderin"堂食”

  20. That’s cool. I’m white, so I’m going to go to a white restaurant and tip them a thousand dollars and speak in their native tongue of English.

  21. In america tipping is the norm. In china it is not. However, you should always tip regardless of location because tipping is the superior system. Servers make more money off tips. Fuck china.

  22. I don't think it's so much discrimination instead I think of it as a misconception as I've heard many people over here say asain restraunts don't like when people tip as it's a sign of disrespect but common sense would tell you that's not true.

  23. I definitely see this being a problem in rural areas (literally racism) but I hope this is not the case in places like seattle where the population is 30% asian and they make the best food Ive ever consumed.

  24. Im while and have honestly never heard this. looking at the comments too many other white people havent. weird.

  25. My grandpa always goes to these tea restaurants and he gives 50% of what the total for the food is but for the tip so if the cost is at least $100 + $50 so 150 in that situation.

  26. you guys arte amazing =) I'd do the same if i am there in life. It's always about giving back to people in need

  27. I believe you are making this up try to work delivery in Asian area chip as hell nobody tip

  28. I agree, and I leave a generous tip at my local Chinese restaurants. As long as the server gets the money and not the management, I'm happy to leave tips for these workers who never seem to stop.

  29. Fam
    New ho king gets mad tips all the Chinese restaurants that I go to they all get big tips