Chinese People Try Panda Express For The First Time

(Not) Made in China.

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China On The Move
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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America Andrew smith


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  1. 我不知道他们为什么请了那三个年轻人。我觉得他们是”香蕉人”。里面是白色的,可是皮肤是黄的。我们在新加坡也有这个问题。华人都变成洋人了……

  2. Are these people from different parts of China?? Because the range of reactions to the same dish is rather surprising, unless the dishes themselves are regionally varied.

  3. American Chinese guy: I can't believe people believe panda is actually Chinese food

    Real Chinese guy: This is tasty Chinese food that chinese people would accept

  4. so much anti american sentiment here. If americans talked like this they would be considered racist.

  5. Panda Express made my mom, dad, and sister have food poisoning…. yeah I’m never going there. My local Chinese restaurant is amazing though.

  6. Maybe not frame it as being bad? Half the people saying it's good and real the other half saying its bad. I am starting to think they don't even know what Chinese food is.

  7. Uhh, oh my god the boy in the middle gets on my nerves. Does food have to be “authentic” to taste good?

    Edit: Bet he can’t even write a whole essay in full Chinese characters either. 😂😂😂

  8. Wait till they taste Indian Chinese food. That would shock the living daylights out of them.😝

  9. That dude in the middle thinks he’s all that like bruh we all know you eat McDonald’s every day

  10. If I’m being for real the stuff at panda isn’t near the Chinese food I’ve had. Like my grandma used to take weeks making sticky rice soaking the leaves and wrapping each of em individually. So I can kinda relate to what the dude is saying.

  11. Probably should feed those kids some bats and insects along with rotten skate and then let them know that’s Chinese food. Kids probably have only seen China in pictures and the news.

  12. The boy in the middle: I can’t imagine people thinking this is actual Chinese food

    Mystical Chinese man: this is food that Chinese people would accept

  13. My question is can those teens even speak chinese and I dont mean a little bit I mean fluently

  14. If he applied the same definition for "white people's Chinese food" to himself, he would be a "white person's Chinese person"

  15. I thought older people would be more critical of the food and the younger ones would like it more but it seems to be the opposite.

  16. I mean as long as Panda Express doesn't blatantly market it as "authentic Chinese food," there's no problem here.