Chinese People Gossip About My Tattoo, But I Know Chinese

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Maybe you’ve heard about Chinese tattoo fails where people intend to get Chinese tattoos that say something inspiring but their tattoo artist mistakenly puts something unintentionally funny on their body instead. Well, today I got “Kung Pao chicken” 宫保鸡丁 tattooed on my body, and Chinese people naturally gossip about it. But then I surprise them by understanding their gossip and speaking perfect Mandarin!

0:00 Intro
1:37 Youdao Dictionary Pen (sponsored)
2:31 At a fruit and veggies stand
3:47 Someone stops me on the street
4:45 How authentic is my tattoo?
6:02 Buying handicrafts from a street vendor
8:08 Checking out Chinese antiques
9:30 Fashion show
9:42 Get another tattoo?


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  1. I'm interested if your laugh is different with different languages? I noticed your laugh is different or more similar to launguage you are speaking. I don't know? It could be offensive to laugh at the wrong thing in different cultures.

  2. Dude the FOV of this camera is nuts but it's so weird especially when your interacting with someone close to u lol

  3. Hey Xiaoma, I wonder if you can make a Video on brazilian culture and Portuguese learning. There are so many good brazilian restaurants in NY, it would be great to see my language and country represented

  4. Great video as always, Xiaoma, but I’m confused. I thought we aren’t supposed to refer to the Chinese languages as “Chinese”. Why don’t you say Mandarin?

  5. When I was in China I met many people with English tattoos that made no sense. We both do it.

  6. Of all your videos, just the concept of this one made me laugh so much. "Kung Pao Chicken." BRUH. LMAO

  7. i dont think you can be cooler than this dude, people on the streets like whats up my man

  8. I got a tattoo written in formal mathematical language, and it makes me so happy when I encounter somebody that knows how to read mathematics. One of the many reasons that I got the tattoo was to make fun of people that get a tattoo in another language without knowing what it means. Another reason I got the tattoo is that I used to tell people that I know two languages – English and Mathematics. But since getting the tattoo I've learned Spanish, so I guess I know three languages now.

    I never understood why people would get a tattoo in another language without learning that language first. If you love the culture enough to get a tattoo in that language, why would you not put in the effort to actually learn the language?

    Another reason that I got the tattoo was to make fun of the people that get the infinity sign as a tattoo, when they don't understand what infinity actually is. So I got a tattoo of the Axiom of Infinity from Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory to troll them by showing that I actually do understand what infinity is (and how you create an infinite set). The Axiom of Infinity is also an important part of my favorite mathematics book – Bertrand Russell's Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy.

    I love the idea of getting a tattoo to poke fun at the people that get a tattoo in a foreign language without understanding what it means. But you did it in a much more humble and self depreciating way than I did it.

  9. 6:36 you got the lady in front of you to speak Chinese without them realizing that your speaking to them in Chinese. They were replying to to in Chinese!

  10. You should have gotten the poo poo plater fake tatted on you. This is still an epic and legendary video regardless!

  11. Lessons learned: get food tattoo = get free massage from ladies selling combs and stuff. Hahaha.
    I like how fluid the conversations are.

  12. I love how one woman told him what it meant, but also said that it's really not that bad of a tattoo it's a delicious dish after all!
    She really was just tryna look out for his best interest 🤣

  13. It’s crazy that not only can Xiaoma speak in so many different languages but he’s able to be a conversationalist and instantly make friends in each of them