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Chinese maggi is very easy to prepare. Due to coronavirus breakdown many people are trying new recipes of maggi. Also during Ramadan and Roza people make yummy dishes for Iftari. Chinese maggi is a very easy dish. hakka noodles can be easily prepared at home with maggi as due to lockdown most hotels and shops are closed and we can hardly find any chinese hotels open. Chinese noodles is a very simple dish and Chinese maggi is really easy to prepare. hakka maggi noodles is very quick to make and has lot of deliciousness in it. People are learning to make yummy delicious chinese during covid-19 pandemic lockdown. This is my try in helping people to make yummy and easy chinese cuisine. This is an easy recipe of chinese maggi. By trying the dishes on my channel I’m sure everyone of you will turn into a Chef at the end of coronavirus quarantine lockdown. .

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