Chinese Food Tour in Flushing, NY (XLBs, Dumplings, Egg Tarts, + more) | Food Vlog

I recently visited Flushing, New York and embarked on an ambitious food tour trying out various dumplings, noodles, and pastries. Follow along as I try some of the best Chinese food in New York!

Shanghai You Garden Dumpling House
New World Mall (Stall #25 for fish dumplings, Stall #28 for liang pi or noodles in chili oil)
Golden Shopping Mall (Tian Jin Dumpling House)
New Flushing Bakery

MUSIC: HookSounds

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  1. Omg! I'm currently studying in NY so cool that you visited =) I'm definitely gonna check out that Chinese bakery now. Awesome video as always <3

  2. your videos are so well made! i knew this place looked familiar from strictly dumpling 🙂