Chinese Food Restaurant-style Fried Vermicelli Recipe

One of the mainstay menus that is easiest to make and tastes good is fried vermicelli. In addition to being simple to make, it will definitely be liked by the family at home. So let’s try to make it yourself at home. Fried Vermicelli Recipe Ingredients: Vermicelli 3 pieces/plates Garlic 3 cloves coarsely chopped Fish balls 3 pieces, cut into rounds Ati gizzard 2 pieces Shrimp 10 pieces, wash and peel the skin off Chicken breast fillet to taste, cut according to taste Eggs 2 pieces Cauliflower to taste Caysim 2 sticks Carrot 1 stick, cut into matchsticks Fish soy sauce 2 tablespoons Oyster sauce 2 tablespoons sweet soy sauce to taste Salt, pepper, chicken stock powder to taste How to make it: 1. Soak the vermicelli first with water until the vermicelli is not stiff, then remove and drain 2. Heat a frying pan with enough oil and add the previously beaten eggs, then make scrambled. Remove when the eggs are half cooked and set aside 3. Add more oil to taste into the pan, then when the oil is hot add the garlic, stir-fry until fragrant. 4. Enter the fish balls, liver gizzard, shrimp and chicken stir-fry until half cooked. Then add 2 tablespoons fish soy sauce, 2 tablespoons oyster sauce and mix well. 5. Then add the previously fried eggs, cabbage and carrots and stir until slightly wilted 6. Then add the vermicelli with sweet soy sauce, salt, pepper and chicken stock powder to taste. If you feel the soy sauce is not sweet enough, you can add more (adjust to taste) 7. Add a little water and mix well. Then add the caysim and stir so that the caysim is slightly wilted. 8. Lastly, taste correction. If the taste is right and tastes good, just turn off the stove, take it out and serve #Vermicelli #BihunGoreng #OlahanBihun #CaraBuatBihunGoreng #ResepBihunGoreng #MenuHarian #MenuSehariHari #ResepRumahan #MasakanRumahan #MenuSimple #MasakanIndonesia #MenuNusantara #KulinerIndonesia #KulinerNusantara #ResepRumahan #MasakanRumahan #MenuSimple #MasakanIndonesia #MenuNusantara #KulinerIndonesia #KulinerNusantara #AlWisataKuliner #Recipes Chinese Restaurant #ChineseFood #OrientalFood #Oriental Cuisine Good luck xoxo

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