Chinese Food Recipe – eating delicious food asmr #523

ASMR CHINESE FOOD MUKBANG EATING SHOW 불닭볶음면 마라소고기 양뇌 돼지뇌 족발 중국먹방 中国 モッパン 咀嚼音 肥肉声控吃播
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What is Fast Eating?
Fast Eating Mukbang is when someone eats a lot of food with super fast speed and short amount of time. They race to finish their food on a food tray like it is a food challenge. In the competitive eating world, shorter eating contests called sprints rely on eating fast. Longer contest over 8 minutes long are marathons which rely on stomach capacity and your eating speed.

What is Mukbang?
Mukbang or meokbang is an online broadcast in which people eats large amounts of foods. The word mukbang (먹방; meokbang) is a Korean words for “eating” (먹는; meongneun) and “broadcast” (방송; bangsong). Eating shows are very popular Asian countries such as Korea (먹방), Japan(ムクバン), Malaysia (rancangan makan), Indonesia (acara makan), Thailand (แสดงการรับประทานอาหาร) , China (吃播), India (vकी परिभाषा) and Vietnam (chương trình ăn uống).

What is ASMR Mukbang?
Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), sometimes auto sensory meridian response, is a tingling sensation that someone feels from the scalp to the back of the neck and spine when they see someone and hear someone consume food. People who experience this phenomenon says they get immense pleasure from watching and hearing people eating food.

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