Chinese Food MUKBANG! Beef & Broccoli, Chicken Teriyaki, Egg Roll & Fried Rice!

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  1. Hey Jessi Hey 🙂, Yum, Chinese food is my favorite 😋…. "You live to work" omg I just had a conversation with my boyfriend about this is really sad 🥺… I literally stay home 24/7 pretty much so I envy those that get out and socialize even if it's just with coworkers. I am home all day just talking to my cat 🤣 (not joking)… Girl I hear you on the calorie counting. I'm tracking my calories too and I sometimes eat next to nothing one day and binge the next it's a struggle for real… But that sounds like a good way to do it. I might try that to so thanks for sharing 🙂… Great video… Much love ✌🏼😎💜

  2. Looks delicious I always eat the orange 🍊 chicken and noodles and love egg rolls I’m looking for a job but when I did work it felt so good to just come home and just lay down and my days off the same thing

  3. YES I agree with you 1000%. I don’t believe humans are meant to work and die. I would love to live my life and travel spend time with family and friends. You spend most of your life at work, how sad. And at least in America, we have a very toxic work environment where taking off for PTO is seen as a negative look. It’s very sad.

  4. The food looks so great!!.. I can’t imagine myself working my whole life tbh … it would suck:( everyone deserves to have a great big holiday and relax ! Great video as always🥰❤️love the frequent uploads now😍

  5. There is more to life than being a slave to working nonstop and paying bills all the time. I envy the life of those who do van life and travel the world. I hope to do that too someday.

  6. I dislike my job right now, I wouldn’t mind not working lol I loved it before when I used to work at a different location, I would even overwork myself because of how much I loved it. I hate it now to be honest, it’s a whole different vibe and I don’t try as hard and I definitely have more time to myself.
    I don’t think I would get bored either if I didn’t work, there’s so much to do.

    I really need to try Chinese food, you make it seem really good haha

  7. This would be a good age to start planning for your future so you don't have to work 5 days a week the rest of your whole life

  8. I write myself a list of things to do every day and I find it really helps when it comes to getting things done. I am OCD (actually been diagnosed with OCD) and lists definitely help me to not feel overwhelmed.

  9. Honestly, ever since I stopped counting calories Im so much happier and have lost so much more weight. For me, balance was key!! I would just eat well on most days but not be hard on myself when I wanted to go eat out. Just listen to your body and don’t be hard on yourself 🙂

  10. No I hate working…like I’m a good worker, but I hate it….if I could be a stay at home person I wouldn’t think twice

  11. just am laying down now after my shift & this video and all the comments are so spot on. i couldn’t care less if i didn’t have to work for the rest of my life. i’d so much rather keep myself occupied with grocery shopping, hiking, etc. rather than work… maybe it depends on the job but working in food service, i cherish my days off more than anything & will never work more than i need to. spending time with my family and having time for myself is so much more important to me and i always put that time over work. thankfully its a part time job and i am able to be more flexible with when i work

  12. Ok so my husband is from Boston Massachusetts and we went there to see his family and everyone told me that I had to try their Chinese food and when I did I was in love we live in Orlando FL now and they don't make it the same here so you are so lucky to have it when ever you want it lol, it looked so good I'm jealous but I really enjoyed watching you eat it , can you do a pizza mukbang next with authentic pizza from there next .and by the way I really enjoyed this mukbang love ya girl 😘😘😘

  13. I feel you on the work thing. I'm a teacher and I really love what I do but at the end of the day, it's still a job and if I had a way to get out of it, I sure would, lol.

  14. Having to work and choosing to work are 2 completely different things. I have to work, sadly. That being said I truly feel blessed that I earn enough that I do not struggle from paycheck to paycheck…. I also have split days off. It's hard to get rested enough and accomplish what I need to on my days off from work. Ever feel like you're more busy/work harder than when u actually go to work.

  15. The Chinese food looks really good! Next time you go to Maine you should do a Vlog!!

  16. I despise work with every fiber of my being we as humans shouldn’t live like this… life is so much more than work

  17. I love Chinese food, but since this pandemic is gonna on I haven’t eatin there food, also could you do a what I eat in a day love ya girlie your gorgeous

  18. Girl same about the work thing!!! I wish we had enough money to not have to work😭

  19. Oh girl. If I never had to work a day in my life again, you won't see me complaining!

  20. Is that a lynard skynard shirt I see??? You should definitely go on a vacation! I just got back last night from Florida!

  21. I went back to work after my 3rd baby after a month.. I couldn’t handle being home 😂😂

  22. Hi jessi love the video food looks delicious hope you have a great weekend wishing you continued success love from Glasgow

  23. Mmmmm egg rolls and scorpion bowls!!! My fave. Love beef and broccoli. Good meal choice nom nom nom

  24. I feel the same way about not wanting to work my life away! Like the weekend is not enough time to rest, do adult things like errands or house stuff, and do fun things lol

  25. Im a sophomore in highschool and I just started working my first job and let me just say I already want to quit. I work 8 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday after a full week of school and for the past month i've felt like I have accomplished nothing. I absolutely understand what you're saying. Also, I LOVE your videos!