Chinese Food 101: North vs. South vs. East vs. West – Eat China (S1E1)

Chinese food is much more than just stir-fry, noodles, and dumplings. In this video, we break down Chinese food into roughly four schools—north, south, east, and west—and explain what makes them different.

This is the first episode in a 13-part series on Chinese food (we know, it’s a lot). Stay tuned for our deep dive into regional Chinese cuisine.

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Producer and Host: Clarissa Wei
Videographer: Nicholas Ko
Editor and Animation: Ray Ngan
Mastering: Victor Peña

Music: Audio Network .

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  1. My Chinese teacher put me to watch this video to know more about Chinese food, and I was speechless. Keep going!

  2. I am from northern, the first time I heard dim sum in Chinatown, I don’t know what it is. A American people looked at me strangely, after that I know what it is.

  3. And now you can exclude Taiwan from your chinese map. If someone want to learn for their country there are channels for this, just focus on China now.

  4. Hi Clarissa and team! I've just finished watching this series and this has been a very well thought out and high quality content. Kudos to everyone who worked in this! Been searching for videos explaining the 8 Great Cuisines of China recently and I was so lucky I found yours! Your approach was refreshing to me and the food tours and how-to's were a delightful bonus! Also, since this is a season 1, is there any chance you would explore more cuisines in the future? A part of me is hoping you'll complete with the other 4 (Anhui, Fujian, Hunan and Zhejiang) but one can only hope, I guess 😅. Looking forward for more of your quality content and I hope every one is well and safe during these times. 🙂

  5. Would have been a good video if it wasn't for the politically incorrect map. Not sure if its just ignorance or do you honestly support the PRC's colonialist ambitions?

  6. I totally dig this video, and think that the infographics are adorable (even though they kind of make it look like “soup dumplings” are dumplings in soup, and a different thing than xiaolongbao).

  7. This is great! When I was in the US a few years ago I still see lots of restaurants sell both Chinese and Japanese food. This series is awesome. Maybe the a series of video about different Japanese regions and their food too?