Chinese Dumplings | Rule of Yum recipe

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*This recipe is dairy-free.

Today we’re making Chinese dumplings or POT STICKERS!


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  1. The key to rolling the dough like that is to not roll the pin past the center of the dough circle ( that how I watched my chef do it and he was super fast ) so the center will have alittle belly or be fatter them so that when stuffing it actually stretches and flatten out but you did good looks great

  2. you make your own dough? aint nobody got time for that! 😛

    sry im a lazy cook, but will do the filing though!

    Blessed chinese new year! 😀

  3. hey! I finally got a chance to check out your channel from meeting you last weekend at the vlogger fair.

  4. I tried your recipe. It's magnificent! You convinced my 80 year old gramma to change up her gyoza recipe a bit 👍

  5. These look absolutely delicious, Ken! 🙂 I just have one question. On what planet is this filling "literally, the easiest thing in the world to make.." There are like 20 (delicious) ingredients.

  6. OMG I had no idea you are a chef. I so had to subscribe. I have seen you all the time on Will and RJ , nick and miles Jai vlogs … Never knew you cooked. I will be tuning in from now on cause i needs to to learn how to cook. 🙂

  7. These look so yummy. If only I could cook and not screw them up! 😛 love your videos! (:

  8. Hi Ken,
    Are you sure I can make about 32 dumpling wrappers with 1 1/4 of flour? (about 150-160g?) Or I guess really small dumplings?

  9. Try out the new Otto's Natural Cassava Flour dumplings by I think Fork and Beans.  They launched the flour line a few weeks ago and it's a game changer brother.  Trust.

  10. I'm Chinese. And I just find out you are making potstickers. But also you can just boil the dumplings. This is more traditional on Chinese New Year.
    and I must say your making procedure is so Chinese-style! From the ingredients to the sauce. Although normally we don't add so many things in the filling 🙂 and we rarely use boiling water. You roll the wrappers really nice, because I don't know how to roll the dumpling wrapper. Every time I do it, I do nothing but only roll on my fingers…But my parents can do it really nice and fast. They roll it just the speed you imitate in the video.
    And about the stuffings yeah you are right. Using Chinese cabbage takes quite an effort because they contain so much water. So when you chop them the water flows out. And you need to squeeze the minced cabbage to squeeze out the remaining water inside. Otherwise the dumplings would pop when you are boiling or frying them.
    Any way, this is really good. I just find you two and subscribe. Hoping you guys happy. I'm in France 🙂 J'espère que vous viendrez en France.
    PS you are my type

  11. @RuleOfYum – It looks awesome! Did you make your own dipping sauce? Could you possibly show that sometime? Love your videos!  🙂

  12. Yummm.   One time we went to PF Changs and ordered the fried dumplings and the waiter told us we should try them deep fried and they were amazeballs.   We have ordered them that way ever since.    Now we need to know how to make that delicious sauce.

  13. I made this about a year ago and it turns out great for first time. Rolling the dough is the most difficult part and also making the folds thingy.. 

  14. I want to confess, I have watched this video 20 times already and I think this is my favourite video from this channel. I think because it reminds me of the memories I made when I make pot stickers with my Grandma when I was a kid. Thanks guys for such an awesome video <3

  15. I want the storm trooper shirt so bad. I fan girled a little when i saw it lol. The dumplings look amazing too

  16. I do mine with 1/2 pork 1/2 beef, sesame oil, scallions, garlic, ginger, and shredded nappa cabbage

  17. I'm definitely trying this. I must say, your cooking videos have gotten more profecional. No laughing person behind the camera or playing around with camera angles. Just cooking. 🙂

  18. When I go out for Chinese I rate the restaurant based on their pot stickers. Are they made from scratch? Do they have a good dipping sauce? Yes, they are a lot of work,Yes, you can buy wrappers. But each meal should be sacred, and from scratch if you can.Good job on doing the work. Inspires me to work at good food. Thanks. Happy new year.!

  19. I can't wait to make these. I would fry them in bacon grease instead of oil. I 💙 you n Nick

  20. That looks delicious, and Ken, you're amazing… But seriously? Fuck that!

    How this recipe should have gone:
    Step 1.) Call Chinese restaurant
    Step 2.) Done

  21. I just ate but I want some now. Guess I know what's for dinner tomorrow. The crunch when you took a bite. .. delicious. I will note be dreaming of pot stickers. #foodporn

  22. Knead it for EIGHT MINUTES? Sweet lord, ain't nobody got time for that! Sorry Ken, but pre-packaged wonton wrappers are like 2$. And yes, I know fresh is way better.