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Today I am going to disclose how to make beef dry chilli recipe or you can say beef dry chili recipe which is yummy delicious and mouth watering Chinese Food recipes.
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BEEF ( undercut ) 1/2 kg
Sirka ( Vinegar ) 2 tbs
Lehsan ( Gralic clove ) 7 to 8 chopped
Suffed mirch ( white pepper ) 1 tsp
Kali mirch ( Black pepper powder ) 1 tsp
Soya Sauce 2 tbs
Shaker ( Sugar ) 1tsp
Maida ( All Purpose flour ) 1 tbs
pani ( Water ) 2 tbs
Corn flour 1 tbs
Namak ( Salt ) 1 tsp
Tail (Oil ) 5 tbs
Shimla Mirch (Capsicum ) 3
Pyaz (Onion ) 2
Hari MIrch (Green Chilli ) 6 to 7

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