Chinese customers think that foreign waiters don’t speak Chinese, but when they order food….

Some time ago I went to my favorite Chinese restaurant in America to experience being a waiter! This restaurant (East Dumpling House – Chinese: Old Place) should be one of the most popular among Chinese students in the Greater Washington area of ​​the US capital! In addition to the restaurant is also a KTV, and the owner is super nice (this is not an advertisement)! So I thought I went there to be a waiter to see how everyone would react when the foreign waiter was changed to Chinese! This video is very tiring to shoot, and I take care of everything by myself, so remember to give it a like! ——- Follow me: Overseas Student Platform (non-Mainland China): Course WeChat Official Account: Lao Ma English Instagram: / Bilibili: Weibo: ——- Popular video: ?Americans bring their mothers to drink milk tea for the first time , fluent Mandarin scared everyone! ?For the first time, the foreigner brought his mother to eat durian, and the local boss cried when he heard fluent Chinese! ?Foreigners pretend not to speak Chinese to ask passersby for directions ?How is the English of Chinese top students? The foreigner pretends not to speak Chinese in the school test of English ?Foreigners go to Peking University and pretend not to know Chinese, to see how the students’ English level is! ?The tenth-level foreigner in Chinese went to Chinatown to meet a Chinese deaf-mute girl, and it turned out to be a lot of fun! ?The Americans pretended not to know Chinese, and finally scared passersby with Mandarin Cantonese! ? Chinese level 10 online class for foreigners pretending to be a beginner… but was played by the teacher! ——- #外外说中#苰果仁#外外外人#United States#Tricky#Experience#AmericanChinese Restaurant#ChineseRestaurant#Ma Sirui#spoken Laopaoer #laomachris

What do you think?


  1. It looks like the Chinese have a lot of fun in the Chinese restaurants. There was some pretty funny stuff there.

  2. Man I’d love to sit with a bunch of older Chinese ladies and understand them, they’re so funny

  3. The lunch with the staff was best part!! OMG! She should have her own YT channel too! haha Thanks for the video and the laugh!

  4. This is why I hate Asians that know their native tongue and think it's fine to basically talk behind your back right in front of you. They think is sooo cute to make fun of a round eye until they're caught. Then it's all nervous laughing….

  5. Good was like family,I enjoyed.你让他们都感到既卑鄙又兴奋。
    Nǐ ràng tāmen dōu gǎndào jì bēibǐ yòu xīngfèn.