Chinese Cooking 101 – Prepare a "Proper" Chinese Dinner

A basic Chinese dinner meal usually comes with a meat main dish, a soup, and a vegetable side dish (一荤一素一汤). Then served with white rice. Of course, the standard can change depending on the servings, if it is a big event like a wedding, usually, there will be 12-18 dishes on each table. If you just cook for yourself, you can minimize it to one recipe. Today’s video is an example to show you how to prepare a proper Chinese dinner meal. I will talk about the culture behind it and why we make it this way. Hope you enjoy it!


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  1. I'm so glad I found this channel. I'm in London, UK and I've struggled to find easy straight forward information on these types of dishes. I'm familiar with them from China Town restaurants, but have never understood how to make them properly.

  2. You don’t know how grateful I am to you sharing so generously.
    I used to work in a Chinese takeaway but I got to enjoy authentic Chinese food at the hands of my lovely employers.
    My son is also half Chinese but because of dietary choices we don’t eat out in Chinese restaurants
    Because of your recipes which FYI have always succeeded (they are wonderful) it brings such happiness to be able to learn, cook, eat and enjoy the food that brings so many happy memories
    And my son can experience food from the other half of him 💕

  3. Thanks for sharing your culture with us and thanks for sharing yummy recipes!!! You have helped me learn new sauces and cooking techniques that have made a huge difference in my stir fry game 🙂

  4. Soooo good!
    Dessert is an american FAT factory/american commercial advertising campaign! Make americans desire fatty/sugery foods! Buy, buy, buy….fat, fat, fat!!! Stupid people don't question advertising, they just consume it!
    Thank you for your healthy recipes!!!

  5. I like this idea, it's so interesting! 😄 Just to let you know, I made one of your recipes I think 2 weeks ago and it was so delicious

  6. i loooove this kind of video to make a real menu ! hope this will be a serie ! thankx for your work !

  7. You are one of the best presenters on the Internet, so cheerful and so informative without anything unnecessary. I bought one of your woks and I love it! Thanks for all of your great recipes!

  8. This meal is absolutely loaded with sodium I could see this as a once in awhile type dish no way she eats this everyday or anything like it

  9. I would love to know which gas stove you are using in your videos. Is it possible to link it under the video next time?

  10. Hi again Mandy I'm wondering if you could recommend a good rice cooker. I had a wonderful one about 10 years ago but it got lost in one of my many moves. I bought another one, which wasn't as good because it kept spitting water out of it so I had to put it in the sink while the rice was cooking. I'm looking at eBay but not sure what to buy. I can cook rice in a saucepan well enough but it's a hassle having to keep watching it and look for the crows feet and making sure not to burn it. Regards, Tony.

  11. I love your channel and have been watching you cook for years, I love trying out the dishes in my kitchen and have enjoyed it so much, this is my first time commenting on your video I think, and I just want to say thank you for your videos. You are such a good teacher, thank you❤️

  12. I just ordered your wok at Amazon . It says pre season, so I can use it right away, correct ? I threw away another carbon steel wok after few uses because it was rusted and peeled. I probably didn’t seasoned it right, so it was my fault. I love your recipes because they’re simple and easy to follow.

  13. I'd love a cookbook divided into sections for each dinner element: soup, protein, vegetable etc. Perhaps even breakfast options. This is a fantastic video 🙏🏽

  14. Just discovered you, already loving you and the channel! I made the singapore noodles last night- delish! even though I messed up and added 2 TBSP soy so it was a little salty 🙂

  15. you are my inspiration creator.. i love everything on this video the cooking, food, editing sound and your presentations so excellent and pro i send LOVE from USA wish to see u around mine.. lets share and stay connected 😍😍 LIKEEE

  16. I don't understand how there are any dislikes on this video.
    Makes zero sense to me.
    Great food, great vid, seriously considering buying a wok too 😊

  17. Hi Mandy! I love your recipes. Thank you so much. Would it be possible to create a Video Playlist for all your veggie recipes and a separate one for all your soup recipes? This will just help me prepare more traditional Chinese meals for us. <3

  18. I make the meatball soup today. To turn it into a complete meal we added some wheat noodles. It was delicious. The amount of pork I had in the freezer was over 600 grams so I doubled the recipe and we turned some of the pork mixture into small patties which we fried. They too were delicious and tasted a bit like good dumplings. Thanks for the recipe, I will make it again!

  19. I went to China back in 2012 for a high school language trip. We stayed there two weeks and us students stayed with different families. The family i stayed with were so nice, I loved them immediately. Māmā cooking was so good, she made these sweet dumplings for dessert on every dinner.

    I wish I could have stayed in touch with them, especially little sister. But when I came back to the states, I couldn't make the app work that could let you continue talking to those we met over in China.

  20. This was so good! Please make more of these videos. Wholesome, healthy meals that you could eat regularly.

  21. This is the second Oriental cooking channel where the cook says they don't own a rice cooker. It is the most basic electronics item in the kitchen of every Asian home. How in the heck can they not own one? It is most puzzling to me! I question their dedication.

  22. This looks delicious 🤤 I could eat bean sprouts every day! Thank you for not only sharing your recipes, but for teaching us about Chinese culture 🥰🇨🇦

  23. Still waiting for your cookbook. How is it coming along? I will still watch your videos. I have learned so much from you. Thank you!