chinese bhel recipe | Chinese bhel | crispy noodle salad | how to make chinese bhel

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chinese bhel recipe | crispy noodle salad | how to make chinese bhel with detailed photo and video recipe. a unique adaptation of chinese recipe to the indian street food – bhel recipe is prepared with fried noodles. it is mainly originated from mumbai as an indo chinese street food recipe and served mainly as an evening snack recipe. it is a simple dish to prepare and can be prepared with any choice of sliced veggies.

chinese bhel recipe | crispy noodle salad | how to make chinese bhel with step by step photo and video recipe. mumbai street food is popular for its street food snacks it has to offer to its urbanite. being a cosmopolitan city, it has to offer a wide range of street food to satisfy its wide range of hungry and craving demographics. one such fusion street food is chinese bhel recipe with the blending of 2 cuisines.

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  1. I hv tried this came awesome in tasty…Thank u for sharing this recipe🙂

  2. Noodles are Boiled
    Onions are Thrashed
    Cabbages are Thrashed
    Carrots are Thread Cutted
    Capsicums are Diced

  3. The way narrate video in less then a minute is the best. I tried this and taste was just awesome..

  4. Mam mai jab bhi bhel bnane ke liye fry krti hu to noodles sikud jate hai pura bhel bigad jata hai jbki mai 2 3 type ke noodles hi use kr chuki hu par perfect kbhi nhi bnta

  5. Which noodles did you use, beacause i useed hakka noodles packet random company after i fried the noodles were so thin

  6. My mom's recipe is much better chinese bhel
    What we do is :
    -soak some rice
    -make fried rice out of it
    -then grate some cabbage And make some Manchurian out of it
    -then boil noodles and cook them properly
    -and finally mix all three together
    Which is the perfect chinese bhel
    I know it is time and difficult
    But worth the taste 😋😋😊
    Try it once 😀

  7. Most indians have no openness for multicultural tastes. We pride ourselves in Indianizing international cuisines, when mostly we are ruining them completely. Our whole palette is restricted.

  8. Excellent ! I was so worried that I’ll have to make red chutney for this ..🤤
    With Readymade fried noodles, this can be done in no time .. 😍