Chinese Bacon Fried Rice and Soup Recipes That Are Awesome

Masterchef John Zhang shares tips on how to make delicious Chinese Bacon Fried Rice and Soup at home with step by step instruction.

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For making this Chinese Bacon – Salt Cured Pork Belly (鹹肉) recipe, Chef John uses Sichuan peppercorns, which give off a wonderful aroma without the numbing effect when they are kept whole during the salt curing process.

Chinese Bacon can be cooked in a variety of different ways. Cooking salted pork belly quickly at a high temperature intensifies the flavor of the meat without altering the texture, and cooking it slowly in liquid makes the meat fork tender and tones down some of the salty flavor.

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  1. Congratulions Chef John ????????? Five Stars ?????? Very good ?????????

  2. En todoa tus videos que e visto siempre tienes la llave del agua abierta desconosco si se está tirando al fregadero,deberías cerrarla de todos modos tanta gente en el mundo que no tiene agua y tú desperdiciandola

  3. Maybe most of this drying process begin in old times due to many kind of worms.

  4. While drying the pork don't let any flies near it. Or your dried pork will be full of worm