China’s Food Shortage is Worse Than You Think

Xi Jinping started the Empty Plate Campaign to combat food waste and food shortages due to flooding and other issues. China imports a good chunk of its food, and the trade war has had a massive impact on it as well.

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What do you think?


  1. In Russia, food waste is mostly frowned upon because everyone is taught in school how people were starving during WW 2, especially while there was Siege Leningrad when people literally had to eat wallpapers and glue in order to survive. My grandmother was born in 1938 and she still remembers the hard times, so any time when I visited her, she would remind me to leave an empty plate. On the other side, there is an element of hospitality and showing off to your guest in our culture, however, I don't remember any time people would order food just to show that they can do so, lol (in that case it is common practice to order expensive alcohol or caviar at least). Even at weddings or birthdays, after the event the host might offer the guest to take food to home, but no one would call this "cheap“ or "poor".

  2. Since I was a kid, my mom will pinch me if I didn't eat all my food. She will stare me until I finished all my food.
    I always value food, no matter how cheap they are.

  3. As a brazillian, I believe our goverment should re evaluate our deals with China, not because of it's people who are victims of the goverment but because of their goverment, we are making our economy too reliant on China, which is awful, specially considering China is totally unreliable, the pandemic, the unregard for human life, the threatning "deplomacy" and so on, and considering how much they are dependant on our food exports, I think Brazil is a strategical position to strike them, but sadly our president is dumb as a mule, he is not a nazi as international media shows him to be, he is just crook as fuck, a coward, stupid and father of a bunch of also crooked politicians, so sadly, the possibility of such re evaluation won't happen any time soon, maybe in the future with luck.

  4. That's just so shitty … I hate wasting food or anything else… I just fucking hate being wasteful… Even though i don't need to save cents and pennies…

  5. Bruh my father back in the time just ate toyo dipped in rice and salt and water I was suprise about it then the next time I ate I never waste my food anymore, I was scared when I will live eating rice toyo and salt and water. So every speck of rice in my plate any kind of small fiber meat in my plate and anything edible in the bones of chicken and meat I will eat it all. Not to waste stuff.

  6. Im surprised the Chinese call it mukbang and not have their own name for it seeing the like stealing korea's history and culture

  7. I hope the food shortage in China gets much much worse, so Chinese people will finally rise up and overthrow the CCP. CCP is too strong to be brought down by even US military. (In fact US military intervention will only promote CCP propaganda and unite Chinese military) Only internal uprising can defeat the CCP. Chinese people must pay the price of freedom on their own.

  8. I suppose that since I am 6'1" and 220 pounds I would be allowed to eat less? I am technically overweight according to the BMI. Of course, my body fat is about 12%…

  9. Interesting how the CCP and it's follies have shaped the mainland culture. Ironically, the "collectivist" societies are much less collective in their culture than places such as Japan.

  10. Mainland China has had this large amount of food thing for a while now. I remember that emptying your plate was backhanded way of saying that they were stingy, and you, the guest, had to empty the plate because you were hungry.

    Coming from a culture that tells you emptying your plate is a compliment. That feels wrong. I am, like how am I supposed to stop eating delicious food?

    What we do, is always ask if the guests want more. I guess in China that would be calling someone fat or something. Always with their ways to insult someone without insulting them.

  11. I have no idea what the situation with food waste is in China (even though I have been) but being USA the second country with highest obesity rates in the world says nothing good about its citizens.

  12. I'll never understand the eating things alive concept. Like if they kill it just before you eat or literally kill it on your plate is that not fresh enough? "No! It's stale after 5 seconds, only fresh if it's alive going down my throat!"

  13. My answer to your question in 0:250:27, its not much difference to me.
    To me, my parents are my government. Some would argue that government is like a parent; tell people what to do as long it’s good for them.
    But don’t take my word for it. You live in China, ask anybody if a government’s job is same as parenting.

    Sounds like my parents. We get leftovers but we never eat. My mom just prefer fresh food and leftovers are unhealthy.
    And when I cook, my stepdad worry it’s not enough, whether it’s the dish or portion. But they do take leftovers for lunch the next day.

    6:47 That sound like “Man v. Food”, an American show about a guy who goes around eating food, sometimes in excessive amount.

  14. for my family (luckily i was born American but I'm Chinese by blood) my dad didn't waste much food and in banquets, we didn't order a lot we just told everyone(if we hosted) we would just say order anything and as much as you wanted this way we flaunted our wealth and didn't lose face. this also happened to make it so we didn't waste much food

  15. You look like you're nearing 40, but you have the haircut of a 13yr old e-boy on tik tok xD

    Sup with that man? lol

  16. This is not the truth, I don't know where you've lived or which crowd you've been hanging out with, but wasting food anywhere, especially in China, is generally considered a dick move. People will gladly split the leftovers if the meal was unfinished (why do you think population in China's usually depicted by those white fastfood boxes?) Sure, buying a lot of food in China is considered to be a showcase of wealth, but people will finish that food, no matter how much's ordered.

    And wtf is this "You're so poor you can only bring home leftovers?" Bro where did you live, like in a palace or something? The Chinese public and culture does not agree with you on this one.

  17. This lad is either ignorant or trying too hard to be funny. So all your evidence of there’s a food shortage is based on a news on the flooding… how do I block this clown?

  18. If you've seen chinese tourists at passenger ships then you wouldn't be surprised at all that they have food shortage. Not only do they take as much food as they physically can at buffets they are also incredibly rude and cut you off if you don't hold your ground against them

  19. 台湾媒体说大陆吃不起饭,天天挨饿吃田鼠,你又在这里说中国人浪费食物比你们想想的多。看的我有点懵。

  20. "the most civilized city award" I've never heard of this, why are they awarding you for stuff that is just expected of you? Isn't this a bit too telling?

  21. People are poor in India but we dont eat disgusting things . A poor person can eat a healthy vegetable meal and still survive. We are almost the same population as china but we dont act greedy its quite disturbing their behavior.