Chicken hot pot|Handmade wood stove|Muslim Chinese Food | BEST Chinese halal food recipes|Hot stove chicken hot pot

***【MY DRESS AND MY condiment】 Hi friends My Malay shopee shop is online now There are some clothes I installed in the video And the condiments I have used Such as bean paste, hot pot base, pepper, etc. Sisters from Malaysia Can come and see Do you like it +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If friends We like my videos, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! ! 【Laotai Arui】 Facebook: Open the little bell, the wonderful food is not to be missed! #Grandma Arui#LaotaiArui#Halal dish#

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  1. Assalamu'alaikum wr wb… a are you…..saya suka flog anda…..semoga sehat dan bahagia…salam dr Indonesia untuk keluarga muslim di sana….Aamiin

  2. Assalammu’alaikum sister laotai

    I would once love to visit you and taste your food 🥰

  3. Lots of love from India to China your videos are very amazing my whole family watch your videos

  4. Thank you, dear sister, you provide very delicious recipes with a special flavor! Greetings to you from a heart that loves you all

  5. spicy chicken 💚🤍♥️💚🤍♥️💚💚🤍♥️♥️💚💚🤍what's the meaning of Taro in English?

  6. Yang dari indonesia mana???
    Mereka lah saudara² kita . Semoga allah limpahkan rejeki mu.

  7. 我家吃鸡火锅特爱放香菜。茴香叶子倒是没吃过。这是小茴香(cumin)还是大茴香(fennel)的叶子?

  8. Ас Салам алейкум, классные ножи, наверное удобные?

    Еда приготовленная на огне имеет свой неповторимый шарм и вкус!

    Здоровья вам и благополучия!