Chicken Dumplings in Instant Pot| Chinese Dumplings | TASTY Chicken Momos | Pressure Luck 101

Hello everyone, This is a quick and easy way of making Chinese styled dumpling at home, please let me know if you have any questions and dont forget to subscribe our awesome Instant pot Channel 🙂 .

What do you think?


  1. Do you have the 8 or 6 qt insta pot? I was trying to figure out what bamboo to buy that would fit into my 6qt insta pot?

  2. I'm in Canada and none of our stores have dumpling wrappers. I know I can take egg roll wrappers and cut them round, but I wonder if they may be too thick to get the desired result? I've been wanting to make dumplings for months now and your little minions in the other video inspired me. Currently, I use the frozen store bought ones for wonton soup or to just boil them, drain and add a bit of oil, rice vinegar and soy sauce.

  3. Might wanna place something like lettuce leaf, wax paper or paper towel onto the steamer before placing the dumplings. Bet every single dumpling was stuck!
    Nice recipe though!