Chiang Mai’s Famous HOT POT BUFFET SHABU SUKI You NEED To Try | Thai Street Food

This is a SPECIAL EPISODE with Christmas and New Year theme to share you the joy to welcome the year of 2022. My friends and I celebrated the Christmas night for HOT POT BUFFET SHABU SHABU SUKI. HOTPOT or SHABU (ชาบู) is very popular in Thailand and they can adapt and adjust to be like more Thai style like dipping with spicy sour sauce and many more depends on its restaurants. This restaurant is so very famous at this. What I could share with you is the deliciously unique taste of broth like no others, clean and fresh vegetables, mushrooms, and fresh meats. To sip the sweet hot broth in this cool season is very nice to make you feel warm. I wish I could send everyone who watches this video the warmth from here. It was a fun night out and as you know I couldn’t stop eating hotpot here. I super highly recommend this place! 🙂

Location: Nern Noom Cafe (เนินนุ่มคาเฟ่) | Chiang Mai, Thailand

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