Chef’s Favorite Braised Pork Recipe for Chinese New Year l

Masterchef John Zhang show you his favorite Braised Pork Recipe for Celebrating Chinese New Year with step by step instruction.

This classic Chinese braised pork with preserved vegetable, is a very popular Chinese New Year dish–Mei Cai Kou Rou. Pork belly provides enough fat which moisten the preserved vegetables and arouse the strong aroma.

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  1. I wait for a years,but the outcome of my food has no nutrients value at all. I prefer to cook that green vegetable and in half way and eat immediately. Decoration cant give minerals on your body, it only boost your appetite. Anyway, nice effort.

  2. 我的梅干菜都是买的,从来不知道梅干菜是用什么菜做的,原来就是芥菜,大师傅太厉害了,看您的视频就是享受?

  3. 谢谢分享。回忆我祖先从中国大埔亲自做做和晒菜干的美食与其他地区和省的相同。

  4. I watched the video three times, now i have learnt all steps by heart. Thank you masterchef for sharing. I am going to make the food at home.

  5. Some Chinese restaurants are calling this dish "pork belly with preserved vegetables"
    One of my favorite dishes. One lady Chinese restaurant owner was surprised when I asked for this dish asking me if i like it.
    With rice or steamed buns works great, very tasty.
    PS: i like the pork belly with less meat in it and more fat. Man…it's so delicious it's melting in your mouth.

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  7. Rapais achei que ia se pedra com legumi (pra da uma textura nus legumis) Nossa prece qui to sintindo o cherim da qui HÙUUUU!!!!! CHOW DI BOLA

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