Canned yellow peaches. The yellow peaches in the garden are bigger than fists. Many people think that they can only be canned, but there are so many ways to eat them |

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  5. Wow! What a very nice & mesmerizing, Chinese traditional style, Canned Yellow Peaches', picturised ever useful & memorable Vlog video posting by Wild Girl/an authentic Guizhou girl (USA??) keeping on your this U tube channel and for this your extraordinary constant hard work, activeness & an excellent job, may God ever fulfill your all golden dreams and achive a lots of glorious successes with my all well wishes from Rajkot (Gujarat – India??).

  6. i like your way of preparing your food lady wild girl..may i suggest that you give more time videoing your eating time with your whole's an added attraction..i really love that part when all of you are eating together..watching here from toronto canada..keep it up lady..i love your videos

  7. The food looks so delicious! I’m glad everyone enjoyed the dinner you worked hard to make. You all stay safe, happy, healthy and of course lovely as always. ?

  8. Hi I am an avid fan of yours from the Philippines. I love the way you cook. And I always excited to watch your new video..

  9. Bạn này luôn biết cách sáng tạo, Nấu các món ăn rất ngon và hấp dẫn quá. tôi rất thích- 这位朋友总是知道如何有创意,也烹饪出非常美味和有吸引力的菜肴。我太喜欢它了- This friend always knows how to be creative, Cooks very delicious and attractive dishes too. I like it so much

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  12. Hi! How are you?

    The wind of early fall has been blowing in Korea/Seoul since early this morning.

    While summer requires sunlight for grains and fruits, daily life is not easy due to heat and humidity.

    It's going to be autumn now…

    I wish you good health and good things for the rest of the week. Thank you.

  13. Hello wild girl, great new video, your cooking skills are always a delight to watch, and thank you for sharing, all good here and doing a lot more fishing, some rain at last is a good news, be safe all of you 🙂 ?

  14. Hello Wild girl .Everythig you do it lovely I.m black from a holiday in France since the end of July . This's year in European the weather was so highly coming from northern Sahara from Morocco Country everywhere was problem no rain .love you and your family ❤❤❤❤❤????