Buying a Chinese restaurant with a lot of money: Former owner conceals massive fine

The new owners of the famous Murray Bridge restaurant, in South Australia, are trying to restore its reputation after news that the restaurant had been hit with a heavy fine for hygiene.

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  1. Sue the previous owner for cost incurred from delayed openings, dishonest negotiation of material concern(as in would they have not bought it). The ex might defend themselves with due diligence.

  2. which chinese food crime did they try? was it gutter oil? was it rotten food? was it food at all? with how low chinese moral gets when it comes to money, I honetly can say, I will never EVER eat in a chinease place again. you do that sh*t in your country? that`s faked up, you do that in MY country? I hope you get broke and arrested.

  3. Restoring reputation? Interesting, here when ownership changes hands, not sure if required by law but it is customary to hang a banner saying something like "UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT", so people will consider their slate cleaned until they prove themselves once again.

    Sometimes it is considered that they sold or fell under because of old owner's malpractice, so if they were actually good, they also tend to stress things aren't supposed to change with lettering like "new management but the same quality you know and love".