Buy 2 catties of pork for 55 yuan, Xiaoer makes pork dumplings with thin skins and lots of stuffing. It’s a happy family to eat[Tian Yuan Xiaoer]

Xiaoer bought 2 catties of pork for 55 yuan and went home to make dumplings. The family gathered around a table to eat. It’s really happy. Winter is really coming. Xiaoer’s dumplings filled with pork are eaten with the family. In winter, I wish everyone health and happiness. Son, born in the countryside, grew up in the countryside! Sharing food, sharing a good life. There are no high-rise buildings in the city, no cars, no noise, and some are just a kind of tranquility that people in the city have long missed. Strolling on the country road, enjoying the open sunshine and feeling the unique atmosphere of the country, it is a bit intoxicating. Listening to the crisp singing of the birds, watching the carp in the pond, walking on the stone road, and feeling the rare leisure. The willow branches are swaying with the wind under the gentle spring breeze, and the air seems to be clear and transparent, revealing an intoxicating freshness. Follow Xiaoer to indulge in the rich country flavor! If you like country life, subscribe to me! #田园晓儿#TianYuanXiaoer#Pork, pork dumplings.

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  1. Интересно каждый лепит пельмени своим способом супер

  2. Умничка хозяюшка побалует бабульку пельмешками приятного аппетита

  3. 北方人手就是巧,麵團在手上就是服貼。餃子一定好吃的不得了,太饞人。

  4. Good morning Xiaoer. Blessed is a family that can get together to prepare food, cooked them and then share it out 🙏🙏