Brother Monkey took everyone to cook hot pot in the dormitory, and he had to practice more without eating a single bite. This is too resentful! #fat monkey lose weight

Today, Brother Monkey took everyone to eat something good. He cooked hot pot in the dormitory, and frantically died under the eyes of the coach. As a result, he didn’t eat a single bite. He had to practice 10 kilometers more. Today, I don’t complain at all! Monkey Brother strongly recommends 👇👇👇 Eat Meat🥩 Seafood Ventilation Set🐟 The most fragrant pork belly🐖https: // Chicken tonight🐔 Dried Leg of Lamb🐏 M7fqzhumh Thank you for your support. For those who want to join the Monkey Team, please click the link below👇👇👇: Hello everyone, I am Fat Monkey. A big eater who loves food very much! I make delicious food every day by myself. I will update different food for everyone on YouTube every day. I am not a chef. Leave a message to share with me, the food is beckoning to you! 👉👉👉 Facebook: Monkey took everyone to cook hot pot in the dormitory, and I had to practice more without eating a single bite. ! #chubby monkey#cooking hotpot#fat monkey lose weight

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  1. Enséñale Asus hijos ah comer sano no tantas grasas saturadas después se vuelven grasa dañina ah su organismo

  2. You are killing yourself with your big weight. It is not funny. You are eating the amount of food for 3 men to be your size. . Please be kind to yourself and don't abuse yourself. Your videos are good but you will die if you continue to eat too much. My dear friend died from health issues due to being obese. .

  3. If you cheat now I hate to see you after you leave this facility. Your thinking about food hasn’t changed and that spells failure. I. Keep pulling for you, though. Losing weight is so difficult and gaining is so easy. Be careful monkey. Don’t let this be an empty endeavor.

  4. Nosso nobre amigo e bom na culinária ele consegue fazer pratos deliciosos sendo light e daight 😍👍👏👏👏

  5. 餐餐火鍋都好快減肥的,主要學習食物的升糖指數,斷絕一切澱粉及糖等令胰島素阻抗的食物,火鍋湯底選清湯,肉,魚,海鮮,菜,菰,雞鴨鵝通通吃 其實火鍋是接近最健康的,大前題配合斷食法,上網學習。

  6. Ну и в целом после занятий братец старайся на лежать, сердце посадишь! Ходить, ходить, ходить, хоть медленно!

  7. Congratulations on getting caught 👏 🙌 😄 😀 👌. It's not part of the plan I'm glad they caught you all cause once a cheater always a cheater they say. I'm proud of you and the weight lost.

  8. Ты большой молодец! Видно что добрый парень! Не сдавайся, у тебя все получится! Здоровья тебе!

  9. 👏🏻😁💪🏻💪🏻Yes Monkeys! That's the only way – with humor 😄 Everything's easier that way…😊 Greetings from Germany 🌹🍀🌹😊🇩🇪🇨🇳 and God bless you 🤲🙏💖