Braised Pork Belly in Soy Sauce, CiCi Li – Asian Home Cooking Recipes

After watching this easy to follow video, you’ll be able to make Braised Pork Belly in Soy Sauce by yourself right away. Let’s get started!



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  1. I want to make this by myself (my mom used to make it) but she made it where the pork skin was really chewy and I like it like that. How can I make the pork skin chewy? Thanks

  2. Did this the other day but didn’t have cloves. Turned out really good! My mom loved it! Added banana blossoms as well.

  3. I love pork belly in a variety of dishes. I've never put boiled eggs in my pork belly, so must try this! Thank you!

  4. I tried this recipe and it turns out good. Thank you Cici. I want to try cooking 2 pounds pork should I just double the sauce and ingredients

  5. Thank you. This recipe is awesome and is now my fav . I have made it many times and my friends are asking for the recipe too ?

  6. I am doing this recipe second time, I love it so much. Its like fancy restaurant dish. I add a bit less spices though as they are so unusual to me

  7. Ur ugly can you remove your face from the thumbnail your very ugly and i want to vomit when i see your face

  8. Going to try your Pork
    belly dish to day. Thank you for your
    Video. So easy to follow. Thank you. Lillian.

  9. I tried your recipe earlier. It was so delicious! I made some adjustments with the quantity of some of the ingredients.

  10. Very good recipe. I would add a teaspoon of plain flour or two (mixed with water) to thicken the gravy though, but that's just me. I find the braised gravy too watery, and a stew-like consistency may also make the dish more mouth-watering…

  11. Love how your dress matches your pots!! Hehe. Thanks for the recipe too! Btw, what pot are you using?

  12. Boycotting pork. China bought largest pork producer in US. Boycott they gave us Covid 19 and Swine flu ( swine means pig). Boycott

  13. What happen if u don't have rock sugar? How many tablespoon if normal sugar to use?

  14. hi! what is this equivalent to beef or/and chicken? looks delicious but I don't eat pork.

  15. This is what we called humba in philippines a little different ways of the spices though ? this is yummy

  16. I thought this dish was more popular in China, and less so in Malaysia/Singapore!