Biggest Buffet Chinese Cuisines 50 Plus Dishes in Karachi | Prawns Tempura | Sea Food Fish & others

It’s Karachi’s Biggest Chinese Buffet Restaurant Located at Lucky One Mall at the Name Of Royal Jasmin ..
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  1. Actually we have a concept in our mind that chinese only eat boiled food no oil no spices , yes they surely have one boiled bowl of veggies in their menu but do checkout sichuan cuisine , too hot spicy and full of oil

  2. Mein ney last week khaya yahan sey. Soup thandey they. Khana bhi thanda thaa. No tasty food. Baraber wali table per aik bachey ney vomit ker di bohat dair key baad sweper aaya awr vomit saaf kerney ki bajaey vomit key sath he poocha laga diya . Yoon vomite kafi area mein phail gaey .

  3. Sub jhoota hai Bhai Jo dikhaa rahai Hain uss main kafi sari item missing Thai taste bhi koi khaas nahi specially desert section main tu Jo dikhaa rahai Hain wo tu hai hi nahi kafi chizain thin hi nahin

  4. Real m aisa nh he. RS:1807 Per Head. Only 24 dishes time slot 7.30 to 9 and 9 to 11pm. But video completely change

  5. Asalamualikum ya jaga bilkul jane ka qabil nahi khana ma bilkul zaiqa nahi tha jin ko apna paisa zaya kerna ka shoq ha wo zarror jain

  6. سنا ھے گیس کی کمی نے لوگوں کو پریشان کر رکھا اور یہ ریسٹوران دیکھیں جو صرف پیسہ کما نے کےلئے کھولیں گئے ہیں تو ساری گیس ان کو سپلائی ہوتی گھریلو صارفین کے لئے گیس ھے ہی نہیں اور حکومت ذمہ دار عوام کو سیاست دان بے وقوف بناتے ہیں اور عوام تو ھے ہی بےوقوف اللہ ان کو عقل دے

  7. This is one worst experience of my life at buffet in Royal Jasmine I wanted to surprise my family at birthday lunch and it turned out to be a massive disaster taste quality quantity everything was poor and tasteless and moreover so called salad bar is just a showpiece

  8. Our experience was too good …staff and ambiance were very good 👍 👍👍👍👍👍