Big and sweet watermelon, make into watermelon sauce, a traditional chinese food

Please subscribe to 【李漼利李ZHANGLIU 】 Lizhangliu Channel on YouTube if you like my videos :… Turn on the little bell for notification and be the first one to watch Lizhangliu’s videos~ Turn on the small bell notification and watch the wonderful video of #李月利Lizhangliu for the first time~ Two plots of watermelons were planted in the spring. Think the summer autumn can eat enough. A hail of thought that the end of July. Thin skin melon to play exploded . Ok with watermelon skin survived. Watermelon to eat, do a cylinder watermelon sauce. Watermelon sauce dips bread, Fried meat, steamed fish, tasty. Two fields of watermelon were planted in spring. Thinking of being able to eat enough in summer and autumn. I didn’t expect a hailstorm at the end of July. The thin-skinned watermelon was blasted. Fortunately, the thick-skinned watermelon survived. I couldn’t finish the watermelon, so I made a jar of watermelon sauce. Watermelon sauce dipped in steamed buns, fried meat, and steamed fish are all delicious. #Lizhangliu #李雞刘Lizhangliu #ChineseFood #ChineseCuisine #Cooking #LongNãoLiễu #CâyLiễu #Watermelon

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  1. Все красиво, видео постановочное, одна девушка не может все обработать, тем более такая тяжёлая земля, там надо пахать и пахать, но виды красивые, труд тяжелый

  2. 17 минут слушать шестнадцать тактов одной и той же мелодии? Это слишком.

  3. You have American viewers & subscribers watching ! You should put English subtitles & not Chinese the Chinese viewers can understand when you are speaking we can’t !! Please English subtitles !

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