Big and sweet pears, pick a basket to make traditional Chinese food

Please subscribe to 【李漢力Lizhangliu 】 Lizhangliu Channel on YouTube if you like my videos :… Turn on the little bell for notification and be the first one to watch Lizhangliu’s videos~ Turn on the small bell notification and watch the wonderful video of #李月利Lizhangliu for the first time~ The pears planted in Yun ‘an are ripe. Sweet sweet sweet pears are full of branches. Pick a basket full of pears. Make autumn cream, summer often to drink tremella soup. Do all kinds of savoury keeping. Eat every meal, together with my family in is full of happiness! Yun’an’s pears are ripe. Fragrant pears hang over the branches. Pick a basket full of pears. Made into autumn pear paste, white fungus soup that is often drunk in summer. Also made a variety of appetizing sauerkraut. Every meal you eat with your family is full of joy! ! ! #Lizhangliu #李雞刘Lizhangliu #ChineseFood #ChineseCuisine #Cooking #LongNãoLiễu #CâyLiễu #Pear

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