BETTER THAN TAKEOUT – Easy Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

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  1. Call me a Kung Pao fundamentalist, but I am sincerely offended. No legit chef would ever add Doubanjiang in the authentic recipe. Period. I think what Fuschia Dunlop make a perfect example of cooking the AUTHENTIC dish, go search for it.

  2. ่ฐข่ฐขไฝ ่ฎธๅคš็š„ๅš้ฅญ่ง†้ข‘ใ€‚ๆˆ‘ๅญฆไบ†ๅพˆๅคš๏ผโค

  3. Where do you buy this stuff will you use it for cooking start with the pan fries and all the ingredients

  4. Your stuff looks great!! So I just had to subscribe! I have most of the sauce ingredients that you use and will only need a few more things. Definitely going to give your recipes a try!

  5. Thank you so much for teaching how to cook Chinese food .hope seday I'll be able to master it thank you again

  6. I've learned so much since subscribing to your channel. My family says the Chinese I make at home now tastes better than takeout ๐Ÿฅก. Thanks for helping me step it up๐Ÿ˜‹.

  7. ooking meat at high temperature creates carcinogens
    The two types of carcinogens are heterocyclic amines โ€“ related to pan-searing โ€“ and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which come from smoke. Grilling or barbequing will create both these carcinogens.Jan 19, 2022

  8. gurl why is ur foundation so much lighter than ur skin tone?
    like are u trying to pull off some geisha aesthetic or sumthing?