Bamboo rice with bamboo spicy hot pot, is the taste of childhood memory

Please subscribe to 【李漢力Lizhangliu 】 Lizhangliu Channel on YouTube if you like my videos : Turn on the little bell for notification and be the first one to watch Lizhangliu’s videos~ ON Little bell notification, watch the wonderful video of #李月利Lizhangliu for the first time~ Memories of childhood. I always likes to follow my brother. Barefoot, humming children’s songs. Every time my brother and cousin cut bamboo with knives. I knew I’d be eating Bamboo rice again. My cousin, my cousin and I went to pick up bamboo shells and dry wood. Brother takes mother’s unused hotpot base. Pull some vegetables, cut some bacon, do bamboo spicy hot pot. It’s possible to recreate the taste of childhood now. But I can’t go back to my childhood. Everyone’s gone home. Childhood in memory. Always like to follow behind my brother. Playing barefoot, humming a nursery rhyme. Whenever my brother and cousin took a knife and chopped bamboo. I knew I could eat bamboo rice again. My cousin, my cousin and I went to collect bamboo shells and dry wood. My brother took the hot pot base that my mother had not used up. Pull some vegetables, cut some bacon, and make bamboo tube malatang. Although now it can also recreate the taste of childhood. But we can’t go back to our childhood, and everyone has gone far away. #Lizhangliu #李昌利#李向利Lizhangliu #ChineseCuisine #Cooking #ChineseFood #LongNãoLiễu #CâyLiễu #BambooRice .

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  1. if bamboo shoot can be eaten, or kung ang labong ay nakakain ano pa ang bungbong gawin sisidlan, how come our forefathers knew these in my assumption there is a single thought, salamat

  2. Everytime i enjoy ?looking ur' new video, the most beautiful part is for me is your cute, lovely cats, small cute little duck. Hope they are all well. Here, i am wishing you with all ur' family and pet's A Merry Christmas n' a Happy New Year.
    Always Luv ❤ India ??

  3. What a wonderful way of cooking. Bamboo has a wonderful taste if cooked right especially when food is inside. I admire your strength to do so much on your own. Massive respect to you. Your sweet kitty is so adorable ? too and a beautiful family as well :).