Authentic Chinese Food Court – Eric Meal Time #596

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Yugi Shoten in Ikebukuro, Tokyo is a supermarket that has a food court offering Taiwanese, Shanghai, Szechuan, Dim Sum, Northeastern Chinese cuisine and more. The entrance may look sketchy but Yugi Shoten exudes a completely different atmosphere from the neighboring areas as if you travelled to China but this is the place you would want to take a visit for authentic real Chinese cuisine.
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What do you think?


  1. Could tell you didn't like the Chinese food… you said it had a stench…. but you seemed to enjoy the Korean pancakes. I like those too much.

  2. I love the channel you take me places that I dream about all the time keep doing what you're doing brother

  3. Always enjoy your willingness to try new stuff without any clue what it is. The locals probably think sometimes, “this guy is crazy to eat this, no one ever orders this”. Great stuff, keep it up.

  4. Maybe it was stinky tofu. Stinky. The rice is glutionous rice and my favorite. I like chinese sausages too and of course fish cakes. We usually don't have cols beverages. It is hot water, hot tea, or wash it down with blistering hot soup. My DH has to have cold drinks as he is American. Looks like grass jelly with citrus.

  5. Sorry, but I'll stick to North American Chinese food, I don't trust the food that the Asian Chinese prepare, lots of it is gross IMO!

  6. Soy milk is a great alternative for us lactose intolerant people but it's definitely not my fave, reminds me of cold Custard

  7. Great vid Eric but the beard is beginning to get out of hand now😁 maybe I am jealous because l can't grow one😂

  8. First time I wasn't wanting any of this. Not your fault Eric love your vids, just looked something I wouldn't eat and I'm an adventurous foodie.

  9. I'm pretty sure stinky tofu would retire quite a few people lol. I've never had it personally, but I have smelled it before and it smells like a very acquired taste! Ty for sharing! Beyond the tofu, everything looked fantastic.

  10. He might mistake chives for onions, or even stinky tofu for intestine flavor, but the man finds out by digging in. This is refreshing to see a man willing to just dive in regardless of some of the off putting names.

  11. Love Chinese food and culture. Hate their government. Communist covid engineering intellectual property stealing pigs.
    Food looks good 👍🏻