Amazing Rose apples! cooking into Chinese food

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  1. ОГРОМНОЕ спасибо за ваши видео!!!

  2. In Jamaica we call these ' Otaheite apples ' . We have another fruit that has the fragrance of roses that grows in the near from water , those we call ' rose apples '.

  3. Люблю ваши ролики , привет из России !!!!

  4. Maybe if the Angels wish for me to being , I could one day find myself in CHINA. Love their perspective ?

  5. I have seen the rose apple at my Chinese Supermarket, never thought of cooking them like you did in this video, next time I see them I will try them. 我在中国超市见过玫瑰苹果,没想到像你在这个视频里做的那样做,下次我看到它们我会尝试它们。
    Wǒ zài zhōngguó chāoshì jiànguò méiguī píngguǒ, méi xiǎngdào xiàng nǐ zài zhège shìpín lǐ zuò dì nàyàng zuò, xià cì wǒ kàn dào tāmen wǒ huì chángshì tāmen.

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  7. Those rose apples are so beautiful. This lady lives in such a beautiful part of China, so lucky. I love watching you cook, you never cook the same thing twice but always cook different recipes and they all look so yummy.