All You Can Eat KOREAN vs. CHINESE Hotpot in Seoul South Korea

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This is one of the BEST and most economical all you can eat hotpot buffets I’ve ever been to. I got to compare the Chinese hotpot buffet and the Korean Hotpot buffet and the Korean one was far superior!

Korean Hotpot Buffet
Seoul, Mapo-gu, Seogyo-dong, Sinchon-ro, 94 4층

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  1. So the sponsor is a Company thats buisness model is to keep documented data of your spending habits…….and people are happy to do that?
    People really are just up for directly selling thier data without some overly long terms and conditions.
    Makes you wonder why other companies bother to be more discrete about it.

  2. My chen has got me even dumplings a lot now these days at Krogers we got this bag of steamed dumplings there but they're mini Korean dumplings either in chicken veggie or pork with some vegetables in their seriously good

  3. Omg was that Koran lady in you other videos in the background???? I think her name was krista or something

  4. I know where to take my mother and uncle if I ever get the chance to take her to South Korea now 😀

  5. Ever since Mikey made a video on how to make hotpot at home, I now make hotpots and watch Mikey eat hotpots. Makes me feel like I'm there!