In this episode of Feasting with Friends, my good friend Aaron “Da Wrench” Cohen and I hit up the Ten Hot Pot and BBQ in Cherry Hill, NJ. Instead of the usual food challenge, we decided to enjoy a nice relaxing AYCE session of Korean BBQ and hot pot. Watch the video and join us on our fun times!

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  1. Awsum vid as always dd and it was gr8 seein aaron in another video!!!! tbh ive never had korean bbq or hot pot and il admit sum of da stuf didnt look 2 good but da meats sure did ?anyway im glad u and aaron enjoyed it dats da main thing its just my opinion and in da end it became purfect content!!! Also its ben a treat not havin dat dumass troll gerry freeman comment on ur videos i hope dat continues!!! ????????✌?

  2. that was awesome, love korean bbq but that garlic smell sticks with you for days. was aaron your wayne replacement , like weston at the end lol

  3. Looked very interesting, l have never had hot pot. As always enjoy watching you guys! Love from Maine ❤️

  4. I smiled so hard at the start of this. I never thought I'd hear you utter the phase "We're not going Discount tonight." I thought Wayne was joining you in this? I hope you and Aaron enjoyed!

    I didn't really want to get involved in the tip issue; however I decided to read up on this place through reviews to see if anyone else experienced issues with tipping…. Sure enough there were reviews claiming you had to pay 18% minimum as a tip for 2 people. One claimed the tip was marked off already on their bill, while another claimed their bill was thrown back at them and demanded 18%, when they tipped 15% (I only went through a handful of "Newest" reviews and didn't venture farther). This is definitely not an establishment anyone should support with this kind of behavior, and what they are doing is most likely illegal as they are forcing a tip without disclosing it from the start of the meal. No one should have to be extorted for money in such a way, and next time, law enforcement might need to be called. I say this because even if you just "paid 15%" and left, they can charge whatever they want on your credit card (if you paid that way), so having law enforcement keep a record of this would be beneficial, but no one wants to have to go through that crap at all, but neither do they want to go through their CC company to file charge-backs. This is also an EXTREMELY important lesson for everyone to make sure you aren't being overcharged at places when you tip, as a lot of nasty scams happen that way, so check the bank accounts!

    Sorry this happened to you Darron I hope you have a great day man!

  5. You two are hilarious. Looked delicious and fun. How did the waiter guilt you into a bigger tip?

  6. Looks like alot of work, especially for the amount of food you guys can eat. How do you know when the meat is fully cooked? Should crush the all you can eat pasta bowls at Olive Garden

  7. Darron are you coming to Clarence NY for the pumpkin pie eating contest that is happening this Saturday?