After eating dumplings for so many years, this is the first time I have seen this plum dumpling. It looks good and delicious.

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  1. 五月台灣的油桐花季將到,可以學起來映景一下,但無肉令人胖(澱粉會轉成碳水化合物,升高血糖,造成肥胖)還是要放肉餡兒才健康(蛋白質減緩血糖上升)

  2. Wow, mum doesn't mind doing hard work. Her dumplings are so detailed. Dad's one looks good too. What a family! 🙂

  3. It is such a waist of your talent not to post English translation especially that you don’t talk much, so there is not much to translate, sweet short videos to the point, wish everyone does that

  4. 用任何语言编写的大请求


  5. 太他妈羡慕你了,有个这么勤快能干的妈,小强命好。我妈就知道骂人,做饭一点都不好吃,还整天惹事生非,哎,别提了

  6. 妈妈还是挺好看的,儿子都这么大了,幸福一家人。这面揉的多光。家里整洁干净,外面竟然有菜地,比城里人好多了

  7. Какая красивая и молодая мама, а такая стряпуха. Все может и умеет.

  8. 小強爸媽都很手巧👍👍

  9. I really love chinese food im not chinese but i love this cuisine thank you for showing and sharing your amazing talent and awesome skill in creating wonderful dishes and lovely food i'm learning a lot from your fantastic videos more power luv all of them 😍😘

  10. 我很羨慕你😍
    爸爸媽媽手藝好 廚藝好

  11. 強媽真是蕙質蘭心,巧手巧思。連水餃都能包得美麗如花。如在古代,連御膳房都要搶著學呢!

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  13. 强妈,必须让强哥减肥了,因为强哥颜值高,瘦下来了,跟大明星一样,超帅!一胖毁所有啊!强哥一定要珍惜强妈强爸的好基因啊!