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Eating out at a restaurant has become an even more exciting event. It’s not only about the food – The presentation, the environment, the atmosphere, altogether become the vibe of a restaurant and an essential part of the eating out experience.

Here is a restaurant in Tianjin, just south of Beijing, that impressed me with its unique vibe. When ordering food, I like to get a straightforward understanding of what the dish looks like (I get confused and frustrated often when going to fancy western restaurants with their image-less menus). This place does an amazing job by not only showing your pictures but having actual-sized sculptures of the food. There are also a few stations where you can see how a dish is prepared. Each dish has its own little plastic ticket that you can collect – and that’s how you order here.

The restaurant serves Jia Chang Cai, or “home-cooked food” – basically the foundation of all subdivisions of Chinese cuisine. I tried the sweet and sour fried eggplant stuffed with shrimp, crispy pancake, and stewed fish with garlic, which are all delicious and taste like home. It was a really lovely experience dining in here as the whole place gives out a welcoming, comforting, lively energy that I’ve been missing, especially after these last few years during the pandemic.

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  1. Wow this is a very unique restaurant indeed! I feel like presentations like this are more prevalent outside of Beijing. I’ve seen a couple in Shanxi.