A stir-fried vegetable stall in a rural area in Shandong, 7 yuan for stir-fried chowder, 6 yuan for a dumpling, economical and tasteful[Melon Farmer Exploring the Flavor]

At the Shandong Rural Daji, a stir-fried vegetable stall costs only 7 yuan, and a dumpling is 6 yuan. It is economical and tastes good. Hello, everyone. Here is the melon farmer Tanwei and visit the big Ji with me to explore the delicious taste hidden on the street. Street food, use food to record life, understand what the society is like, what food you want to see, you can leave a message in the comment area, watch my video a lot, and don’t forget to subscribe after watching #瓜农探味#安徽美食# Market.

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  1. 不加肉的8元,然後炒下去變7元,老闆炒到頭昏了吧,價錢隨便喊