A Hot Pot love story

What family traditions to you celebrate during the holidays? @Jasmine Pak loves warming up with hot pot. .

What do you think?


  1. tip when cooking hot pot: dont crowd the pot like shown in this video, since all the food will take decades to cook and when it does finish, you will have to finish it really quick, or risk it overcooking or getting cold.

    the video shows this because it looks pretty

  2. Even if its 100 degree outside my family always has hot pot every couple of weeks, nothing hits the spot better than family, friends,and hot pot!

  3. To the 1% who’s reading this: I hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy in this hard time, have a blessed day ! 🌤.

  4. Tasty you're cooking really inspires me. I have been baking since I was 5. Your cooking inspires me to keep pushing when nobody thinks I can cook well. I watched some of your videos today and it inspired me to make brownies. They were so good my family ate them all! They weren't supposed to eat them yet they were for when the clock hit 12 to finally mark the new year. I just put another batch in the oven. My brother is staring at the oven waiting for them to be done so he can sneak one before the new year hits. Thank You for being such a great channel. My cooking has gotten better because you inspired me to keep trying. Maybe one day you can try my brownies. One day

  5. Lol I was just about to have hotpot for dinner as it was a rainy day and it's cool, also to celebrate the new year.

  6. me and my family started doing hot pot during quarantine. very fun and delicious! we didn’t get together to eat at the table together at all until we started doing that! now it’s a pretty regular thing for us to do!

  7. I think she just put crunchy garlic in boiling water w the foods she chose but that broth has got to have more to it I’m sure

  8. I've never tried hot pot but I see it alot. It looks so good.

    For us its gumbo or feijoada. My mom is Brazilian and my dad is cajun. So when it gets cold… one of the dishes is made into our normal meal rotation.

    I just made feijoada for lunch.