A clear demonstration of making dumplings/making dumplings/professional method of making dumplings/professional master teaches making dumplings/makes dumplings quickly and well/how to pack more stuffing, you can open a shop after you learn how to make it (Learn how to fold a professional dumping)

Anyone can make dumplings, and they can do well. But this thing is really easy to learn but hard to master. I made dumplings at home last week. I was used to roll the skins with my wife. I never wanted to complain that the skins were too small. After the quarrel, they switched positions and complained about too little stuffing. Really irritated. Looking back, there must be a gap between amateurs and professionals, so you have to be humble and learn again. In actual operation, I found that it is really not easy to understand one thing. The reason is easy to understand, but it is wrong. Let’s talk about the technical points of multi-stuffing: 1. The skin should be large; 2. The filling should not be thin; 3. The hand holding the dumpling wrapper should be nested, holding it like a spoon, so that it is easy to hold the stuffing; 4. Dumpling wrapper The seeds should not stick to the filling, otherwise they will break easily when they are cooked. .

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