9 arrested for attacking women in China restaurant, video widely shared

Nine people have been arrested by police after they allegedly attacked four women in a barbecue restaurant in N China’s Tangshan yesterday.

Surveillance footage shows a man approaching a table at the restaurant and touching a woman around 2:40 a.m. local time on Friday, then striking her after she pushes him away.

In the ensuing brawl, a group of men are seeing brutally attacking the woman and her dining partners.

Local police said two women had sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were being treated in hospital.

The horrific incident was captured by a surveillance camera and uploaded on the Internet, causing outrage among Netizens.

Tangshan City has vowed to crack down on gang crimes following the incident.

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  1. Damn, I even fucking cried when I saw this, I believe everyone who watched the video wanna kill all the bitches who beat the women, shame on all of them, hope they'll gain the death penalty! But fortunately the women are out of danger, wish this kind of shameful and annoyed situation won't happen again.

  2. We don't need war on borders but every country should shoot such man and all stone pelters who set fire public and private properties irrespective of their religion.

  3. Saw the uncensored version here on YouTube. Brutal. Cowards.
    Unfortunately and unjustly, the comments were turned off.

  4. Goddamn…I hope the girls can heal properly without any leftover physical/psychological scarring.

    The men who attacked should be castrated and tortured. They're not human nor animals, just scum of the earth.

  5. They should face the consequences for their barbaric actions. They are Tarnishing the good image of the beautiful and nice people of China. Quick recovery to the women

  6. These gangs went in and out of jail, seems like they have connections with the authorities. Arresting them is not enough make sure they will rot in jail.

  7. Hope this time Chinese government can face the fact, not cover up as they used to to do and punished all them no matter how strong their back-ground are.

  8. I've gotta ask as I see this a lot in Thailand. Men seem to like to hit women, children and the elderly and there seems to be no shame. Aren't these men scared of being known as cowards for the rest of their lives? Or isn't cowardice a thing in Asia?

  9. 女人在中國生活真是太恐怖了. 而且男人跟流氓一樣簡直就是無法無天

  10. nothing is going to happen to these NAFTA working males …..temp holding cell then back home in the morning

  11. If this happened in the US, all the guys at the restaurant would help out. People in China don't want to be involved. What if this happened to your girl friend, sister, or mom on the streets. Would you wished some good people to help them out?

  12. damn incel has no business being in public places. Those Loosers should have stayed home with their blow-up dolls.

  13. I can tell you, these kind of incident are very very common in China especially outside 1-line cities. I got 2 China male friends working here who told me they themselves separately got into bloody fight with chairs, bottles. They also got in trouble with the law from the injury they inflict and received. but it was easy to get out jail, just pay a light sum and done.
    Frankly this is a very common sight where ever you see group of drunk men/women all over the world.

  14. I really thought that Chinese guys were respectful of Chinese women. BOY, WAS I WRONG. The other "men" in the restaurant did not lift a finger to help those girls. What a bunch of punks.