54: In pro-Chinese scolding, it is not as attractive as Li Ziqi and Lao Gao Xiaomo. (Private old programs in the early days)

#老高和小茉#李子柒# The person who sent out the scolding in the pro-zhong will step on the job report and kill the whole family. I believe in God, the spell is super responsive! Asian Life Insurance Clothing Store: Zodiac Channel: The original private enjoyment of old programs. Self-introduction Name: Look at the top left. Gender: Of course it’s not a female’s birthday: One day in 365 days. Zodiac: I’m honored to belong to Phoenix. Education: It’s not a doctoral profession anyway: Yuan Dynasty is not as fond of prostitutes. Celebrity: Lao Tzu! Favorite Dizi: Demolition Favorite Dishi: On the former residence, self-immolate! Three views plus one view on life: I always thought that bragging is a promising career! Values: I like to look at people whose brains are trapped by the door, and who like to look at people whose mouths are bigger than faces! Worldview: Lao Tzu is a thinker, if you don’t believe me, ask Lao Tzu! Pessimism: What can a person produce in this life? There are two things: a man is crushed to death by a straw while carrying a woman, money and name, while a woman, just one stop to the scenery, can be proud of the world! Channel view: The iron fans of overseas democracy movement, Falun Gong, Guo Wengui, Wen Zhao, Jiang Feng, mask liar, etc. should not follow me, please stay away from me, I respect you, but also please respect me, everyone does not hurt each other. Contact information: My email address is [email protected] (it is safe to write to me if friends in the wall don’t comment too much). My leg account is wto518 and my Facebook ID is Diamond John.

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  1. 作为普通人稍微关心一下政治知道好坏就行了,不可走火入魔,真正比较适用的还是老高,李永乐此类频道

  2. 大家有没有关注面具人?面具人早就爆料了李子柒是某领导的小情人了。在中国大陆,能出名的这些所谓网红或者任何一个明星,都是必须有后台的!不管你是小仙女还是老仙女,无论你是小鲜肉还是老腊肉,你们必须跪舔赵国那些老头子们,否则无论你多有能力,你都是会被消声的。

  3. 終於事者是英才,終於人者是奴才。做到就事論事,對事不對人,盡可能客觀。

  4. 确实,老麻看的很透彻,现在的00后小孩被洗脑太严重,亲中也亲共,没救了。越往后中共越难对付咯,现在是最好的窗口,可惜美国倒了

  5. 那个李子柒视频里的乡村 根本不是现实的乡村 而是红楼梦里 贾府的少爷小姐们玩乡村角色扮演 拿穷人的贫苦找乐呢!

  6. 老高以独立思考,挖掘奇闻逸事受到欢迎。有点像新时代的十万个为什么和一千零一夜的结合。麻先生像当年的鲁迅,奋力呐喊试图叫醒沉睡的民众。世界依旧,但历史会记住那些闪光的灵魂。感谢老麻!