5 ways to wrap momo dumpling

If you watch this video, you may dislike listening “momo”.
To be on safe side check this out :

MoMo is very popular Nepali food. This is famous for all season. You can find momo anywhere in Nepal from street to big restaurants. This video will help you to learn momo wrapping.
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  2. The video is very helpful but one humble request…. Please remove the background sound! 🙏😅

  3. খুব সহজে মেমো ডিজাইন শিখে নিলাম খুব ভালো লাগলো পাশে থাকবেন আমি আপনার সাথে থাকবো

  4. Congrats everyone 🥳🥳 You have successfully learned to speak "MOMO" ❤️😖

  5. Momoooooo

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  6. Its awful .. remove background music … and subscribe my channel 😉 :/:/:/

  7. What an awesome background music.
    Will tempt you to start banging head on the waal after listening to it for about a minute.
    Btw techniques are nice👍