$268 SEAFOOD DINNER FEAST for 8! Must Try Chinese Restaurant in Sydney | Sydney Vlog

► All you can eat SEAFOOD BUFFET: h ► Join my monthly newsletter for exclusive content: ► Follow me on my FOOD INSTA: @scoffles ► Follow me on my INSTA: ► …and TIK TOK: @itsjanicefung Details: Rising Sun Seafood Restaurant Address: 152 Stoney Creek Rd, Beverly Hills Special set meal $268 AUD Steamed fresh flower gum and cordyceps flower soup with eight pieces of ginger and spring onion, lobster, noodles, soaked big abalone, chicken, steamed, swimming fish, Kyoto pork ribs, stir-fried seasonal vegetables $268 for 8 Banquet meal: Fish maw & Cordeyceps Flower soup 8 x steamed scallops Ginger & Shallot Lobster with noodles Abalone with vegetables Free Range Chicken (whole) Steamed Fish Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs Stir Fry Vegetables Not included in banquet is the Prawn & Glass noodles in Pot (Fan shrimp pot) Watch more videos: ►MUST TRY ICECREAM in SYDNEY: ► MUST TRY YAKITORI in SYDNEY!: ►MUST TRY SOBA NOODLES & OKONOMIYAKI in SYDNEY! https://youtu .be/keLBXp383cE $268 SEAFOOD DINNER FEAST fo r 8! Must Try Chinese Restaurant in Sydney | Sydney Vlog (Sydney gourmet must try seafood restaurant) ALL YOU CAN EAT SEAFOOD DINNER BUFFET in CROWN SYDNEY HOTEL | Sydney Vlog (Sydney gourmet seafood buffet).

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  1. I think i'm going to have to unsubscribe, your videos make angry in a jelous way 🙁 always a good honest review ! keep up the good work …

  2. Barramundi is a rubbish fish, its fresh water spends its life eating insects, Thats why its always got a dirt taste.

    Go for salt water fish like parrot fish, red morwong or Coral trout. You won't be disappointed with those choices.

    The soy sauce is just seasoned, the hot oil over the shallots is what gives it the extra flavour. Theres 2 ways to make it, infuse it with chicken broth / spring onions / shallots / onions (the long way) or buy the Lee Kam Kee Seasoned Seafood soy sauce.

  3. That's very cheap. For Christmas, we went go a similar Cantonese restaurant and 14 people cost me about $900

  4. janice your vlogs are really entertaining. if you keep at it i can actually see you get big on youtube .

  5. I wish I had money to buy all that yummy food… Beautiful video!!! I am very poor man…

  6. 😆 You need to tell your brother; “Worcestershire” is pronounced as “woos-ter-shir”. Thank you for the video! I loved it!

  7. Just seen you on someone else's channel. Ann Reardon's How To Cook That. Saw you struggling making Japanese pancakes.

  8. oh yummy expensive chinese food, hey Janice how come you don't put your husband on your videos? , is he satisfied on being a cameraman? he should be on your videos too and i am sure we like to see him often, thank you.

  9. hi Janice, is it $268/person or $268 for 8 pple? it sounds really value for money since it includes lobster

  10. I love the exchanges you have with your family. What you ate as abalone looks more like sea conch.

  11. I really liked this and it makes me want to go there myself and order it. I found your family interruptions making it interesting too. love red bean mochi.

  12. Hi Janice! great videos and great to see the family and brother in it. Will definitely try some when we come up from Melbourne. Would be great if we had a blogger like you in Melbourne!

  13. Janice just wondering if you fast for a couple of days before you go out for dinner because I am not sure were you put it. Love your channel. I am learning a lot.